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Try this Queer Friendly AirBnB

I planned to travel to Brazil this year with my partner and best friend. However, those plans have been dashed until at least 2021 when we can safely travel for vacation. I’ll probably be out of South Africa for a bit though for work, otherwise local travel is where it’s at until we are fully passed COVID-19.

Sitting at home though got me thinking, what if there was an AirBnB specifically for queer friendly hosts and destinations. It turns out that there are quite a couple, and MisterB&B, founded in France, is one such platform.

AirBnB is great and it has made travel accommodation very cheap, however, the hosts are not always the friendliest to some people, especially people who are different from them. As the travel website Thrillist put it, “The site [AirBnB] is well-known for it’s rampant discrimination problem –, queer couples have been kicked out by hosts who were expecting a straight couple — and while the company has updated its anti-discrimination policies over the years, it’s remained difficult for people of marginalized identities to feel confident they’ll be safe, welcome, or wanted in Airbnb-listed homes.” This is where MisterBnB comes in and caters to the needs specifically the queer community.

Pack Your Jockstraps, We’re Going on Vacation

International travel for the LGBT+ community can be scary sometimes. I travelled to East Africa 3 years and it was quite a fun experience. My friends and I where in Tanzania and Zanzibar. The weather was fantastic, and scenery and entertainment was great as well. However, not far on that country’s borders is Uganda, which is arguably the most oppressive nation to people who identify as queer and/or queer allies. A couple of countries in Eastern Europe as well are becoming increasingly unfriendly for queers to travel, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. However, many special pockets of the world are amazing places for gay mxn and womxn to travel; this includes South Africa, especially Cape Town.

With a nightlife that rivals many of the world’s other top cities, Cape Town is the premier destination for the LGBT+ community in Africa. MisterBnB even did a nice piece about its beaches on this blog post.


So here’s what you need to do when you’re planning your next vacation:

  1. Find accommodation and experiences on MrBnB
  2. Get a pair of swim shorts if its going to be warm
  3. Definitely pack a pair or 3 of jockstraps you can buy on our website
  4. Don’t forget your smartphone for those IG photos and Snaps; also follow us on Instagram and use #anonymousjocks in your posts
  5. Have fun!

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