How to Wear a Jockstrap

You’d think wearing a simple pair of underwear is one of the easiest things to, but after reading a lot of Reddit threads and Quora questions, a lot of men and some very curious women, actually don’t know how to wear a jockstrap specifically.

I’ve shared a video below that’s really fun to watch from our friends at The Underwear Expert. Check it out, buy a pair of jockstraps, and share with us your experience.

On the whole though, wearing a jockstrap is not rocket science.

  • You simply have to fit your two legs in like you would any pair of underwear
  • Pull them up to your waist so they’re comfortable
  • Adjust the straps

The only new thing with jockstraps is that they are backless, so your behind will be exposed. There’s no risk of any wedgies, and that’s all there is to wearing a jockstrap.

When to Wear a Jockstrap

Men buy jockstraps for mainly 2 functions:

  • For sports
  • For comfort and everyday wear

For much of the 20th century until the early 1990s, jockstraps had a very functional use for sportsmen. Because they have very limited fabric, they where a great underwear design for athletes, especially runners, boxers, and cyclists. Worn with a cup or pouch on the crotch, this provided support and protection for their privates during sporting activities.

Fast forward to the late 1990s and fashionable jockstraps started becoming more popular. Although in many instances they were considered for men with alternative lifestyles, they are now an increasingly sexy addition to men’s underwear wardrobe. This is where Anonymous Closet brand and other similar brands come in, we’ve made wearing jockstraps sexy and something that any man can get into.

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